The MDE vs Weird Twitter drama has been boiling all day to the hilarity of viewing, but I’ve kind of reached an opinion on whats “right and wrong” about this whole thing.
The Weird Twitter folks seem to be forgetting that part of the MDE-brand humor is to directly attack the moral sensibilities of the group Sam Hyde is “stand-up”ing before. a video where he directly insulted anime fans in front of a room full of anime fans gained a lot of traction in Weird Twitter circles, so they must have known that MDE is primarily offense-based & nihilistic in intent.
So when Sam Hyde unleashed not even a stand-up routine, but just a direct-trolling rant about gays being mentally ill that is OBVIOUSLY meant specifically to stir up trouble & create controversy, what did they do? Freak the fuck out and call him awful and bad, which is exactly what Sam Hyde wanted. He’s TROLLING.
However, what I see on a Weird Twitter person or two who irl protested the MDE trolling is disgusting. There are MDE fans directly insulting these people like “”donglord69”” (nice username, 2011) & leaving really misogonystic & racist tweets at them, which aren’t exactly in the same vein as Sam Hydes routine. MDE aimed to thoroughly offend, but it was broader than directly insulting the audience. These MDE fanbase are actually attacking people with the INTENT to perosnally hurt feelings, and that to me is where they’re being fucking awful and inexcusible.
What Im trying to say is, people are taking this way too far: its a planned troll: don’t fall for it, but @ the same time don’t make it worse by being a bigot

  1. loliliberator said: bottom line: everyone is repulsive and I wanna puke on all of them
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